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My name is Amy Gandy. I am a Rome native. I went to West End Elementary School, Rome Middle and Rome High School. I then went to Georgia Northwestern Technical College and received my degree and certification in Neuromuscular Therapy.

I started working at Healing Hands Life Center in April of 2006. While I was working here, I continued my schooling at GNWTC to receive my Associates of Science degree in Neuromuscular Therapy and graduated in May of 2007. Now I am a licensed neuromuscular therapist and have to complete a minimum of 24 hours in continuing education every two years.

My specialties are neuromuscular therapy, hot stone therapy, pregnancy massage, swedish massage and deep tissue massage.

Some abbreviated descriptions of each of these therapies include:

  • Neuromuscular Therapy is very much a muscle-specific massage.
    • Helps minimize chronic or an acute pain. 
    • Decrease the intensity of the discomfort.
    • Alleviate pain caused by ischemia, which is a lack of blood flow that prevents oxygen and nutrients from getting in while not allowing wastes to get out.
    • Decrease pain caused by trigger points, which are points found in the belly, muscles or tendons that send pain referrals to other parts of the body.
  • Hot Stone Therapy is a very light and soothing massage, using longer strokes while holding hot stones.
    • helps to pull the tension out of your muscles.
    • Place the stones on tight areas on the body and let them sit, allowing the heat in the stones to penetrate the muscles
    • Soothe the tension away.
  • Pregnancy Massage is a wonderful treat and a necessity for all expecting mothers. During this massage I have a special pillow that allows the expecting mother to lie face down. It can be adjusted to many different shapes and sizes to allow 'Mommy' to be comfortable.
    • I use varying pressures during this massage.
    • Longer strokes and some deep tissue in the upper back and glute area.
    • Special attention to problem areas
      • Lower back pain
      • Siatic pain. Pregnancy Massage will increase circulation and blood flow which will promote relaxation and a better night's rest.
  • Swedish Massage is a light, reflexive massage.
    • I use long strokes to promote circulation and blood flow,
    • Reducing stress and relaxation
    • Good for those who may bruise easy
  • Deep Tissue Massage is exactly what it sounds like - deep tissue.
    • Reaches the deeper muscles in the body
    • Promote relaxation
    • Promotes better blood flow and circulation
    • Helps break up toxins that have gotten stored in the body. Toxins can come from everywhere: from the air we breathe to the food we eat to any level of exercising or injury we may have. We are all full of toxins.

I chose to be a Neuromuscular Therapist because I love working with my hands. I also enjoy the satisfaction of relieving pain without administering drugs, possibly avoiding unnecessary surgeries, all while lowering stress levels at the same time.

Call Healing Hands Life Center at 706-232-0907 for massage therapy services that will have a lasting effect on your health and pain management without the use of drugs.

Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Pregnancy Massage - Rome, GA - Healing Hands Life Center
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